How to Fix Premature Ejaculation Using Hypnotherapy

How to Fix Premature Ejaculation Using Hypnotherapy


In this article I want to talk about a very common issue that has a huge impact on our enjoyment of sex. 


I’m talking about, premature ejaculation - cumming too quickly. This can put a huge dent into a man’s confidence and lead to them either avoiding sex or avoiding sex that they would actually enjoy, for example choosing to bottom when they would prefer to top because they fear they are only going to last for seconds. 




When men cum too quickly, they often offer up a range of excuses, ‘I’m just really turned on by you,’ ‘I’m a really selfish lover, I just like to pound and cum.’ – Both of these, in a way, could be quite reasonable, if it weren’t for the fact that the it’s down to a lack of control which is causing the issue, not how turned on/selfish the top might be. 

How long should good sex last?
Interestingly, if men have only been with guys who cum quickly, it doesn’t take long before they have a warped expectation of what good sex is actually like. 

‘According to a 2008 survey of sex therapists, sex is “too short” when it lasts one to two minutes. “Adequate” is three to seven minutes, and “desirable” is seven to thirteen. The range for “too long” went up to 30 minutes’

Working with the above timings and then aiming for ‘desirable’ is the way to go. These are the times for actual intercourse, before this there should be a decent length of foreplay.

Sadly, some men do not even get through the foreplay, without having to constantly push away any attention from their penis.  

The Default State 

It’s believed, by some people smarter than me, that cumming quickly is actually a man’s default state. When human’s first started having sex, way back when it was cool to live in a cave, (and I sometimes wish I lived in a cave, I’d just need great internet), there were many predators who would happily eat a couple having sex. 


With that in mind, it makes sense that men should get hard, have sex and cum very quickly. You know, before a sabre-toothed tiger has them for lunch. 


It’s worth noting that it’s not actually how long a guy takes to cum that’s the issue, or at least, the idea is not that lasting 5 minutes is good, 10 minutes is better, what a man actually needs is to develop control. 


Ideally, a man wants to get to the point where he has enough control that he can enjoy whatever.

Multi-Pronged Approach

When I work with clients on this issue, and believe me it’s a very common issue (which would make sense as it’s a man’s default state), I use a multi-pronged approach.


Usually only two appointments are required.


There are two exercise-based elements which are explained in the first appointment and then there are parts of the session where I work with the client’s subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is the super-powerful part of the brain that looks after our automatic processes.


For men who cum too quickly, the automatic process for ejaculation works against them, but by using conscious and subconscious techniques, this powerful part of the brain can be brought onside.

Exercise-Based Elements 

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction


Edge and Squeeze technique


This is a tried and proven technique that works very well.


When you are masturbating, get to the stage when you feel that you’re just about to cum, on the 'edge' of cumming, though not too close. Then gently squeeze the end of your penis, as shown in the diagram, until your urge to cum passes.


Once the urge passes, carry on masturbating until you’re nearly ready to cum again and repeat the squeezing process. Repeat the edge and squeeze process four of five times.


This process teaches more and more control, plus it will help recognise when you're about to cum, so that you can ease off whatever you're doing during sex, or perhaps change positions etc.  


Do this for a month, each time you masturbate; it’ll be worth the effort and very soon you’ll notice the improvement. 


This technique can also be used when you’re with a partner. When you are getting close, change positions and as you change positions gently squeeze the end of your penis before you carry on.

Muscle Control 


The second exercise is a great technique, which not only helps give you control over your orgasms but can potentially make them feel stronger, too. 

  • The exercise should be repeated two or three times a day.
  • When you’re going to the toilet for a pee, use the muscles in that area to stop the flow.
  • Don’t use your fingers and squeeze, use the actual muscles, it almost feels like you’re trying to tense your balls, or tense that area between your anus and the base of your balls.
  • Stop and start the flow three times each time you’re doing this and try to do this every day for at least a month.
  • Even after the month, it’s good to do a few this a few times a week as a matter of course.

Muscle Control 


There has been different condom options around for a while to help delay cumming, but these ones by Pasante can work very well. They are a good start while you are learning the and using the other techniques mentioned on this page. 

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Subconscious techniques

The Affirmation


A great way to work with the subconscious mind is to use affirmations.

By repeating our intentions several times a day, we start the process of sending a clear message to our subconscious that things need to change.


“You are a confident man and you have total control over when you cum”

  • Repeat the affirmation twice a day, morning and night, for at least a month
  • Repeat the affirmation three times
  • Repeat it out loud and with conviction, feel it, mean it
  • Remember to say ‘you’ and not ‘I’ – if you say ‘I’ your conscious mind has a bad habit of disagreeing with the statement

Affirmations - In the Therapy Room

Hypnosis is a means of focusing attention and when I am working with clients I am able to focus the client's attention on their affirmations and help those words sink deep into the subconscious mind. 

This process works in such a way that it's able to by-pass the conscious mind and it allows me to have the clients use the word 'I' - 'I am a confident man...' - and these words go in deep and go right to work. 

Talking to the Subconscious 


As I mentioned, the subconscious mind controls our automatic processes when we cum and at what time is an automatic process. This is why it can often feel like cumming just happens to us out of the blue. 

With clients in a relaxed state, I use hypnosis to focus the client's hugely powerful subconscious mind on taking back control of the cumming process. 

Future Pacing - In the Therapy Room 

There is technique used by athletes called mental rehearsal. This is the process of going over and over an event in our minds, such as winning an event or perfectly completing a successful maneuver. 

Our subconscious mind does not differentiate between whether something actually happened or if we imagined it. By repeating a processes over and over, our subconscious believes we're able to do it and when the real event takes place it is there to help us succeed. 

In the therapy room I can take this one stage further and use something called future pacing. This is a process of using hypnosis to to have the client imagine or picture that they are in their future and that they are actually having a successful encounter.

The encounter goes perfectly, this amazing encounter, you have total control and all goes well. In your conscious mind, it's easy enough to picture because it's something that 'could' happen in your future once the therapy sessions have done their job.

Plus, your subconscious mind believes it's actually happened as, remember, it doesn't know the difference between real or imagined - win/win. 

Pulling it all Together - In the Therapy Room

The exercises and home work part of an overall treatment package for premature ejaculation issues. They work in conjunction with the hypnotic parts of the session. It is only by getting the super powerful subconscious part of the mind on our side that we can really fix the problem. 

At the the start of the first session I use two "clearing" processes. 
These help the client let go of any emotional baggage that might be blocking them from moving forward. 

The first is a general clearance process that allows clients to let go of past events. This is great for letting go of sexual encounters that haven't ended so well and moving forward.

Next I use a technique called 'cutting ties', this is a means of releasing the connections we have to our past plus the current connections to people and things in our present that might be holding clients back.

Together these are wonderful techniques that clients really enjoy and many report the odd sensation of actually feeling lighter after they have undergone this 'letting go' process. 

The next part of the process is to use mental rehearsal so that the client feels like they have had many successful sexual encounters. 

The final part of the process is the use of an hypnotic script that talks directly to a client's subconscious mind.

The script uses suggestions that sink deep into the subconscious and instruct that powerful part of the client's mind to get behind the client, and to support the client to ensure that they have control over their orgasms and everything works well and how it should. 

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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction Using Hypnotherapy

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