Dante's Boot Camp

Dante's Boot Camp - Wednesday 6pm

Wednesday's 6pm - Inclusive, Fun and Open to All!

REPs Registered Exercise Professional

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No matter what your fitness level - from complete beginner to fitness pro, I'm sure you'll get something out of this great work out in a lovely park setting. 

Dante's Boot Camp - Strength Training

Build lean body mass, shape and tone up, improve body density with a range of strength training exercises. Classes designed to meet the your needs regardless of fitness levels. 

Dante's Boot Camp - Cardio and HIIT

Strengthen your heart and lungs and help your body cope better with the challenges of life. 

I will help you reach your fitness goals, no matter how simple or complex. 

Dante's Boot Camp - Balance

All round fitness includes strengthening your body, heart and lungs. While improving your core strength and ability. I'll help you keep, or get fit with a fun, balanced workout. 

Meet the Trainer - Dante Harker 


A personal trainer and therapist with years of experience motivating clients who struggle to find the time or energy for diet and exercise. 


It's a real challenge to stay in shape with busy lives and so much yummy food. So what can you do? Little bits here and there, with friends, family or in a group setting, where you can support each other to move forward, fitter, more able to enjoy every day life. 


The hardest part about any exercise program is actually just showing up for it. I try to make sessions a challenge, but also keep them light and fun. 

When - Where - How Long

Where: Wednesday Night's 6pm


Where: Just before you drive into Langold from Worksop on the A60 - there's a turning into the park. There is parking there, we will be right in front of the cafe on a large field with loads of room 


How long: Each session is 45 minutes and socially distanced. 

Sessions Take Place Outdoors No Matter the Weather

Remember to dress for the weather, bring enough water, sunscreen perhaps, a rain coat - see what the weather says for the day and bring what you need :)


Please use the form below to book - you can book for up to four people at a time.

It's a new system, if you have any issues contact using one of the following:


07305 507124 - Call/Text/Whatsapp

Instagram/Facebook: @dantesbootcamp


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