Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes - Dante Harker

Tailored made private Yoga classes - at times to suit you - £25 per one hour session

REPs Registered Exercise Professional

Yoga is an incredibly adaptable form of exercise that makes it perfect for practically anyone.


Bring a friend and between you the price is still £25


Yoga sequences can be tailored to fit a range of fitness and wellbeing needs.


Benefits of Yoga: 

  • increased flexibility.
  • increased muscle strength and tone.
  • improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • weight reduction.
  • cardio and circulatory health.
  • protection from injury.
  • improved athletic performance.

Classes take place in Langold - S819PT - in my private yoga studio or over Zoom.


 Interested? Get in touch today and we can find a day and time that suits you


07305 507124 - Text/Whatsapp


Instagram/Facebook: @dantesyoga