Building your Therapeutic Tool Box



Date:  22nd April, 2023             10am – 4:30pm


Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH and BIH:  £150 (standard price £170)


Zoom training, open to all (training suited to any kind of therapist, not just hypnotherapist, as it will give an interesting insight to different types of therapy.)  


Phone 07960 788093 to book your place, or EMAIL US - The course is run with the support of therapist Clem and Margaret Turner - who manage the booking of the course. 



Introducing a range of powerful techniques to help you support clients and build your practice 


It is sometimes easier as a practitioner to rely solely on a variety of scripts to help a client. Scrips are useful and have their place, and they can work wonderfully well. However, there are a myriad of amazing techniques out there and as a compulsive course taker and therapist with 20 years’ experience, I have pulled together some of the most valuable, included some self-developed techniques.


Some of the techniques you might have heard of or even use, and if you do it would be great to have your experience on the course. Some you might have learned once and would like a chance to practice and some, I’m sure, will be new to you.


This course is for anyone who wants to add to their therapeutic toolbox, who wants to talk about and practice new techniques, and for people who like a fun and interesting day.


 On the Workshop you will learn: 

  • Regression and regression to cause. Different ways to regress clients and what to do once they are regressed
  • Inner child work, finding the initial sensitising event and removing strong emotions
  • Parts Therapy and how to use this amazingly powerful technique to regress clients
  • The Fast Phobia Cure, useful for phobias (of course), but easily adapted to remove the energy from difficult emotions
  • Empty Chair Technique, how to use this great technique under hypnosis to vent built up emotions
  • Clearance/cutting ties techniques to help let go of baggage and move forward
  • Healing techniques: Quantum and Dashboard healing plus several more
  • Hypnotic Boxes, a simple set of techniques for energising clients and helping them unlock hidden emotions
  • And finally, how to put the above techniques together to create a truly therapeutic session for your client.


About your Tutor:  Dante Harker


Dante is a multi-disciplinary therapist, utilising counselling, NLP, hypnosis, and mind coaching to develop his own integrated approach to therapy over the last 20 years. He is also a certified counsellor, psychosexual specialist, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist (and compulsive course taker)


The cost of the workshop includes worksheets to use with clients, all scripts and the recording of the training for later reference,  Also certificate of attendance and on-going support by phone or e-mail.  Places are strictly limited so phone now to reserve your place (07960 788093) or email.

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