Weight Loss

Weight loss at Hypnotic Boxes

Losing weight is a real challenge for most of us these days and there are often good reasons why we can't shift the weight. 


Please have a read of this to see some of those reasons. Or if you're ready book, get in touch. 


Are you sabotaging your weight loss? 


I offer a 4 session programme for to ensure you get the best results

(Sessions last between a hour and a hour and a half)

Sessions are a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching

Session One

  • Initial consultation - here I look into what you have tried, what has worked (for a time) and what hasn't. I'll look at what is keeping you over weight and we can formulate a plan to move forward.

Session Two

  • In this session we'll use Parts Therapy, part of you wants to lose weight and part of you wants to carry on what you're doing now. With Parts Therapy we can gain an agreement between these two parts so that you can move forward. I will also do some work around self-esteem, ensuring that you feel good on the inside and have a clear picture of what you want to look like on the outside. When these match, we are generally happier people. 

Session Three

  • We now leave a gap, of around two weeks, to give you time to chance to get to work on your plan. During this session I will reinforce what we have worked on so far, and deal with an blockages that might be still holding you back. I might use NLP techniques to give you strength to move forward and I'll use a process that helps you see the new you. Many of us get to our ideal weights and yet still see that fat teen inside us. I will prime your subconscious mind so that you know where you're going and are happy when you get there. 

Session Four

  • This session is booked in a month after your last session. By now you will be primed to move forward. Over the sessions I will use a range of techniques to help you plan what you need to do to get into great shape (or just lose a few pounds, the goal is up to you). Now that you are well underway to becoming your healthy self, we can plan and adjust the your plan so you carry on your healthy lifestyle into you future.

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to improve your health?
  • Do you want to move forward a fitter, healthier you? 

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The complete 4 session program is only £175

To have a friendly, confidential chat or to book a session please Email, call/text/whatsapp 07305 507124